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  • Registration is required.

  • Week 1 January 11, 2023: Autism and The Early Stages of Childhood Development

  • Week 2 January 18, 2023: Early Intervention

  • Week 3: January 25, 2023: Applied Behavior Analysis


    Week 4: February 1, 2023: How to Develop A Strong IEP



    Week 5: February 8, 2023: Self-Care and The World Around You
    • Week 6: February 15, 2023: Self-Defense: Protecting Yourself Is Your Right

 Time: 5pm-7pm

Support Group

Our support groups allow our

families to meet in a safe space where they can speak openly about their

life experiences while supporting one another. We facilitate monthly online groups for parents,

caregivers, and family members of those on the spectrum and related disorders.

This is a monthly Support Group,
Wednesday of the month beginning  January 11, 2023.

Registration is required.


For more information contact Jamie Upshaw, MS, MA at to register

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